Group YOGAqua Classes

A YOGAqua class is 90 minutes long.  The first 30 minutes is dedicated to learning how to properly use a paddleboard and peacefully paddle around the harbor.  The remaining hour is dedicated to yoga on the paddleboard.  Each board has an individual anchor that is dropped down before the Yoga portion of class begins so that the student does not drift away while focusing on their practice.

YOGAqua classes are open to “all levels”.  Students are taken through a Vinyasa Yoga flow with customized and detailed instruction for the paddleboard so even if they have not been practicing yoga for years, or if they have never been on a paddleboard, they will be able to follow along with no problem. A single class costs $35, however, deals and class packages are offered throughout the year.

We have a 3 person minimum per class.  If a class does not meet the minimum attendance requirement, we will contact you prior and ask that you reschedule for one that does.

  • Single Class $35

  • New Student Special (single class) $24.95

  • Locals Discount (single class) $30

  • 5 Pack $150 ($30.00 per class)

  • 10 Pack $250 ($27.00 per class)

Sign Up – Ventura


10:00 am Floating Vinyasa Flow (All Levels)

10:00 am Floating Vinyasa Flow (All Levels)