What can I say?!? What Sarah has created with YOGAqua is nothing short of genius. Not only is the class a challenge but it such a special way to spend a morning or afternoon. Her and all of her instructors are so lovely and help everyone at every level. They make you feel super confident in your skills and give you a little hand clap if you fall in 😉 The way she has combined the sport of paddle board with yoga is incredible and the class is without a doubt one of the best in LA both from a yoga standpoint and from an experience stand point. If you haven’t tried a class yet, do it and I promise you’ll be going back again and again and again!

Morgan H. , Malibu, CA

I can’t say enough good things about this amazing class & the amazing teachers! I’m so fortunate & happy to have found YOGAqua. What a great concept. I felt so relaxed & enjoyed every single minute of the class. I would do this twice a day if I had the time. It made my entire weekend & I can’t wait to return!  This was my first time on a stand up paddle board & I have only been on a surf board less than a handful of times. It felt great & was so easy to grasp & put the two together!

Thanks YOGAqua~~!! You guys rock~!

The boards are so beautiful too!

Leslie A. Playa , Del Rey, CA

I went to their launch party and got the pleasure of enjoying doing yoga on a paddle board!!  My two favorite workouts in ONE!  It was a challenge to balance, but didn’t fall in! !  I would like to try it again when the water isn’t flowing heavily which they told me was morning or eve, so can’t wait to check that out when I can do more flow.  If you like yoga, it’s a must try!!

Angelique D. , Santa Monica, CA