Your Yoga Mat on the Ocean

YOGAqua is LA’s premier Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga studio operated out of Mothers Beach in Marina Del Rey. YOGAqua was established in July 2011 by owner and founder, Sarah Tiefenthaler. Classes are open to “all levels”. Students are taken through a Vinyasa Yoga flow with customized and detailed instruction for the paddleboard so even if they have not been practicing yoga for years, or if they have never been on a paddleboard, they will be able to follow along with no problem. A YOGAqua class is 90 minutes long, the first 30 minutes is dedicated to learning how to properly use a paddleboard and peacefully paddle around the harbor and the remaining hour is dedicated to yoga on the paddleboard. Each board has an individual anchor that is dropped down before the Yoga portion of class begins so that the student does not drift away while focusing on their practice.

Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa Yoga is a flowing, dynamic sequence of poses that is one of the most popular styles of yoga in the United States. Also sometimes called “Vinyasa Flow Yoga,” this type of practice involves synchronizing the breath with a continuous flow of postures.

Benefits of Vinyasa Yoga
  • You stay focused by going with the flow.
  • It’s all about variety.
  • It pushes you to your limits.
  • It gives you great cardio.
  • It’s perfect for beginners.
  • Vinyasa is fun!

Our Happy Clients

What Sarah has created with YOGAqua is nothing short of genius.  If you haven’t tried a class yet, do it and I promise you’ll be going back again and again and again!

Morgan Hopp, City

Every session, we paddle for about 30 minutes and then we do a yoga session for an hour. The practice challenges the mind and body in unique ways, from maintaining balance and pushing the physical limits of the body, to overcoming fears and conquering the mind.

Jessica Lipowski

This was my first experience with paddle boards and I am not good at yoga on the ground. They were patient with me and my friend and walked us through the basics of paddle boarding and then when the time for the yoga parts came, I was AMAZED.

Karra Duncan

Sarah and the entire staff at YogAqua are absolutely amazing. From the very first hello, they felt more like family than newly met friends.

Chantel Otitoju

We’ve Been Seen Everywhere!